57: Wolverines

The animal spotlight this week is the wolverine! Though known best because of its namesake played by Hugh Jackman in Marvel Movies, this animal has quite the superpowers of it’s own without Hollywood’s help. A smallish brown fluffy creature, perhaps quite cuddly in appearance, these animals are powerful predators with some practical but potentially grisly … Continue reading 57: Wolverines

56: Assistants, Sherpas and Locals on Expeditions

Do you know who has the record for reaching the summit of Mount Everest the highest number of times? Some grand moustached Victorian gentleman explorer? Adrenaline junkie American climber? Austrian mountaineer? Nope, it’s Kami Rita, a Nepali Sherpa who has been to the top 24 times. In fact, the highest number of ascents by a … Continue reading 56: Assistants, Sherpas and Locals on Expeditions

52: Narwhals

Time for another animal spotlight, and this week it’s the majestic narwhal! For a long time this animal was believed to be magical, then imaginary. We still know very little about it, but the more we are learning the more amazing it seems to be! This week we will explore where it lives, what that … Continue reading 52: Narwhals


Notebook from the North will be taking a bit of a break for a few weeks, so now's a good chance to catch up on any old episodes you may have missed! Hope you're well and happy, and see you again in a bit for some more Arctic/Science/Nature related fun!

50: Sea ice in the Arctic is melting… except in the Bering Sea

Hello and welcome to another Notebook from the North! This is not just any old plog episode however, it’s the 50th one! Who'd have thought we'd get this far eh? To celebrate this milestone, we have a special expert guest writer- the wonderful Greta Ferloni. Greta’s research work has taken her from Jerusalem to Italy … Continue reading 50: Sea ice in the Arctic is melting… except in the Bering Sea