Welcome to Notebook from the North! This is a weekly blog/podcast about all things nature, science and Arctic related, created by Ilona (that’s me, doing my sciencing- hi!).

I work in Arctic research, and get to learn so much interesting stuff about the world and what is on it. I want to share all this cool stuff with you, but without all the confusing graphs, jargon and obscure scientific journals. That’s why I made this podcast/blog (I was going to call it a plog, but turns out that’s already a thing…), where we can look at lots of great Arctic and environmental topics in a fun and chatty way.

You can read the blog, or if you’re a busy bee listen to the podcast instead at the top of each article, which will cover pretty much the same thing.

Hope you enjoy!

Music: Shout out to Kongano for providing the tunes for the podcast