Welcome to Notebook from the North! This is a weekly blog/podcast about all things nature, science and Arctic related, created by Ilona (that’s me, doing my sciencing- hi!).

I work in Arctic research, from an ecological and human geography perspective, and get to learn so much interesting stuff about the world and what is on it. I want to share all this cool stuff with you, but without all the confusing graphs, jargon and obscure scientific journals. That’s why I made this podcast/blog (I was going to call it a plog, but turns out that’s already a thing…), where we can look at lots of great Arctic and environmental topics in a fun and chatty way.

You can read the blog, or if you’re a busy bee, listen to the podcast instead at the top of each article, which will cover pretty much the same thing. Also if you want to get updates on new posts feel free to follow Notebook from the North’s facebook page here

Hope you enjoy!

Music: Shout out to Kongano for providing the music for the podcast