Podcast Archive

Below is an archive of all the podcasts from the plog. References to “….and at the bottom you’ll find extra info on….” in the podcast are the extra links and materials in the original blog posts which you can go to by clicking the title.

77: Ptarmigans, aka THUNDERBIRDS

76: Bacteriophage, the virus we like

75: The Hunt for the Northwest Passage

74: Totem Poles and Sculptures

73: The Ecology of Fear

72: Clothes in the Arctic

71: Semi-domesticated animals

70: The Wonderful Walrus

69: Places reclaimed by nature

68: The Saami, Indigenous Inhabitants of Northern Europe

67: Palaeoecology, and trees on ice

66: The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

65: The Philosophy of Science

64: Food in the Arctic

63: The Complexity of Animals

62: Sea Otters

61: Whale vs. Fish- What’s the Difference?

60: How to Become a Scientific Researcher

59: Evenki- People of the Russian North

58: Tracking Animals with Tech- Camera Traps and GPS Tags

57: Wolverines

56: Assistants, Sherpas and Locals on Expeditions

55: Tectonic Plates and Volcanoes Under Ice

54: Exercise in the Arctic

53: Evolution, the Hand and Useless Body Parts

52: Narwhals

51: Dog Mushing with Jeff King

50– Read only plog

49: Oil Spills

48: Temperature- what is it?

47: Ocean Stratification

46: Ozone- is it good or bad, and is it still a hole?

45: Reindeer/Caribou

44: Succession- from Rock to Forest

43: Incredible Polar Feats by Women

42: The Winter War

41: Dinosaurs in the Arctic and Antarctic

40: Soil and Carbon Stocks

39: The Arctic Tern

38: Ice Ages

37: The Northern (and Southern) Lights

36: The Third Pole

35: Taxonomy and names, both classic and stupid (or hilarious!)

34: Prepare to be amoosed

33: Fossil fuels- what happens to a fern 300 million years after it dies?

32: Research Stations

31: Life in the Arctic Ocean

30: What’s going on with Greenland?

29: Frozen Patterns

28: Muskox

27: Pollution- Chernobyl, noise and heavy metals

26: Glaciers and Ice Sheets

25: Citizen Science with Sîan and Sammy!

24: Avalanches and snow

23: Lemmings

22: Extremophiles- creatures living on the edge

21: The Arctic Council

20: Cities of the Arctic

19: Fungi

18: Symbiosis- living together

17: Data gaps and the MOSAiC Expedition

16: Who owns the North Pole

15: Lynx, the shy survivor

14: Species, mules and pizzlies

13: Weather, water and winds

12: Thrifty Trees

11: Peoples of the North- the Inuit

10: The Arctic Corridor

9: The Arctic Fox

8: Permafrost and deadly mummies

7: Poo- the notice board of nature

6: Science and Local/Indigenous Knowledge

5: Phytoplankton- The Lungs of the Ocean

4: Biodiversity and Dead Dinosaurs

3: The Arctic- and how no one actually knows what it is…

2: Wildlife Crossings

1: Ecology, and how wolves can move a river