25: Citizen Science with Sammy and Siân!

This week Notebook from the North interviewed the wonderful Sammy Mason and Siân Green all about Citizen Science, especially related to studying mammals. This includes lots of great info on camera trapping, the unusual exotic animals prowling around the British countryside, and information on how you can get involved in science without having to spend years in training! As it is an interview this is a listen only episode. Below are some links to things mentioned within the interview, and ways you can keep up to date with the work Sammy and Siân are doing. Enjoy!

The MammalWeb website where you can get involved: https://www.mammalweb.org/index.php/en/

To follow Siân’s work: https://twitter.com/SianGreen92

To follow Sammy’s work: https://twitter.com/SammyMason25

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